Sysdig, a ‘Project to Watch’

By on September 24, 2014
Today, the Linux Foundation’s website published an article entitled 5 New Enterprise Open Source Projects to Watch.

Sysdig is number two on the list!

I thought I’d take this moment to share a couple quick thoughts.

Number one: Thank you.

Sysdig was released less than 6 months ago, and it’s amazing how fast it’s spreading. It is uniquely gratifying to be working on a tool that people seem to love, and recognition like today’s makes me and the sysdig team proud. More importantly, we know that this couldn’t have happened without the support of our early users and contributors, so thanks!

Number two: Don’t think for a minute that we’re slowing down or resting on our laurels. We want to make sysdig the world’s definitive troubleshooting tool. We know it’s a very ambitious goal, and we’re working at it as hard as we can.

So I hope you will take’s advice and keep “watching” sysdig, because even cooler stuff is coming soon, I promise. Here’s a teaser ;)


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Btw, we are running a webinar discussing the challenges of troubleshooting issues and errors in Docker containers and Kubernetes, like pods in CrashLoopBackOff, join this session and learn:

  • How to gain visibility into Docker containers with Sysdig open source and Sysdig Inspect.
  • Demo: troubleshoot a 502 Bad Gateway error on containerized app with HAproxy.
  • Demo: troubleshoot a web application that mysteriously dies after some time.
  • Demo: Nginx Kubernetes pod goes into CrashLoopBackOff, what's you can do? Will show you how to find the error without SSHin into production servers.

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