Sysdig and IBM to collaborate on IBM Cloud Private + IBM Multicloud Manager container monitoring + security

By Eric Carter - FEBRUARY 12, 2019


IBM Cloud and Sysdig

Today at Think 2019 we’re announcing our intent to work with IBM to support the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform on IBM Cloud Private and IBM Multicloud Manager. By supporting IBM Multicloud Manager and IBM Cloud Private, Sysdig will help IBM customers accelerate the transition to cloud architectures. With Sysdig, DevOps and IT teams can more efficiently build, run, deploy, and secure cloud-native applications with real-time visibility into the health and performance of microservices, and the ability to quickly identify potential security risks.

Built on open source frameworks and managed with the Kubernetes container architecture, IBM Cloud Private enables organizations to develop cloud-native applications and modernize on-premises applications. To simplify and organize large environments, IBM Multicloud Manager lets your enterprise oversee multiple Kubernetes clusters across public or private clouds as if in a single environment. Further, Sysdig’s security and monitoring capabilities will help IBM Cloud Private developers and IBM Multicloud Manager operators protect and manage application workloads with cloud-native security, compliance, and visibility. When deployed, this new collaboration will provide a more seamless experience, higher efficiency, and help teams rapidly meet a broad range of operational requirements.

IBM Cloud and Sysdig

IBM and Sysdig partnership

Last year our work with IBM kicked off with the announcement of our collaboration and ended 2018 with the launch of IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig. The service, operated entirely out of IBM Cloud, offers users of IBM’s public cloud offerings a fully managed enterprise-grade monitoring service for cloud-native applications. This is particularly important to users of the IBM Cloud Kubernetes service (IKS) who take advantage of Sysdig’s rich Kubernetes integration to get a deep understanding of the performance of their services from development to production.

Now, working with IBM Cloud Private, Sysdig will extend our unified security, visibility, and forensics for containers and microservices to enterprise users who deploy IBM’s scalable cloud platform on their own infrastructure. Sysdig technology unlocks new sources of data with a single point of instrumentation for a robust view of the health of cloud applications. Plus, because Sysdig solutions are inherently cross-cloud capable with native Kubernetes services, enterprises can look forward to increased visibility into their deployments managed by IBM Multicloud Manager.

  • Sysdig Secure enables service-aware vulnerability management, app security and forensics for real-time protection.

  • Sysdig Monitor delivers cross-cluster, multi-cloud monitoring with unmatched data collection for increased insight and faster incident resolution.

  • Sysdig Inspect streamlines forensics and troubleshooting with deep kernel level observability and analysis

Sysdig Platform

While containers are becoming increasingly practical in application development environments, operating a container-based environment can be challenging. Much of the work around containers and orchestration focuses on the needs of developers, while the knowledge and tools needed to operationalize are still evolving. Meanwhile, visibility and security are key areas for consideration that are sometimes neglected. In particular, a joint solution will help to solve these challenges with the capabilities provided by Sysdig with IBM Cloud Private.

Key benefits of Sysdig solutions with IBM Cloud Private:

  • Faster time to production: By bringing together container visibility with compliance and run-time security, Sysdig enables DevOps to deploy faster.

  • Increased operational efficiency: Sysdig support for IBM Multicloud Manager and IBM Cloud Private will provide a one-stop-shop for all information collected and stored. Transparent instrumentation auto-discovers applications and metrics. As a result, Sysdig radically improves operational posture and development efficiency, especially in a hybrid cloud world.

  • Faster incident resolution: Adaptive alerts provide proactive notification of anomalies and events. By leveraging automated system calls, Sysdig provides deeper container visibility that can be used to detect, alert, and block suspicious activity before it impact operations.

  • Simplified compliance: Sysdig automatically scans hosts, containers, and microservices for compliance based on Center for Internet Security (CIS) configurations or against custom benchmarks. This helps ease the pain of measuring and enforcing compliance.

  • Service-based access control: The ability to control team access to hosts, services, and data, exposes information to only those who need it. Equally important, this increases productivity by removing the need to wade through unimportant information.

  • Less time spent managing platforms: Unified visibility, security, and forensics for customers who integrate Sysdig with IBM Multicloud Manager ease the pain of managing multiple distinct solutions across a variety of clouds.

Learn more about Visibility and Security for IBM Cloud

We’re in San Francisco at the IBM Think show today through Friday, February 15. Join us this week to learn more! Here are the details:

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