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Choose Sysdig over Aqua Security

Don’t rely on a tool that is blind to runtime threats. Tools like Aqua lack the deep visibility and rich context you need to accurately detect, prioritize, and respond to threats with reliable forensics across containers and clouds.

The Sysdig difference against Aqua:

Sysdig Secure

Runtime visibility
Deep visibility based on syscalls and cloud activity logs.

Accurate detection and response based on Falco open-source engine with complete, detailed forensic data captures.

Prioritization of addressable container vulnerabilities based on actual runtime status.

Limited visibility into containers and clouds.

Limited threat detection coverage and insufficient forensics capabilities.

Ineffective vulnerabilities prioritization mechanisms with limited runtime context leads to gaps in remediation.

Cloud native context and compliance
Actionable compliance and prioritization of addressable cloud issues to quickly fix those misconfigurations that have the most impact.

Designed around Kubernetes native constructs and integrations for full context.

No cloud remediation capabilities beyond basic non-compliance reporting and a few out-of-the-box remediation workflows.

No prioritization of addressable Cloud and Kubernetes configuration issues based on risk and impact.

Limited Kubernetes context for incident response.

Cost and licensing model
Simple licensing model built around use cases allows the customer to reliably forecast costs and avoid cherry-picking features to save on budget.
Complex licensing model based on tiers, number of units, and optional features makes it difficult to predict and control running costs.

This checklist provides a feature comparison across container and cloud security between Sysdig Secure and Aqua.

We compare over 80 features in several areas:

  • Foundational Solution Features
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Runtime Security
  • Incident Response and Forensics
  • Runtime Security
  • Kubernetes Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Compliance and Benchmarks

Download this guide to help you choose the right container and cloud security solution for your environment.


Choose Sysdig over Aqua Security