April 2022 Cloud-native news

Hello from all of us at Sysdig!

April has been a busy month for the cloud-native community, so don’t miss our cloud-native highlights!

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The news

Industry buzz

What to look for when reviewing a company’s infrastructure?

What are the security critical components in a cloud environment? Discover how to assess the security of a multi-cloud SaaS with this structural approach.

NSA: Kubernetes hardening guidance

This guide goes through a Kubernetes cluster component-by-component, providing tips on how to secure them. Check it out!

The principle of ephemerality

Learn why the shorter the lifespan of things , the less risk they presents. This is the Principle of Ephemerality.

A journey to monitoring

Properly scaling up monitoring and alerting infrastructure is no trivial task. Don’t miss the Miro Data team’s journey to find out how they faced this challenge.

Community tips

Getting ready for Kubernetes 1.24

Kubernetes 1.24 is going to be released next month, and it brings lots of changes.

The biggest of them is the removal of Dockershim. If you want to get introduced to the topic, check this comprehensive article on why this is a major change.

Don’t miss our compilation of all Kubernetes 1.24 new features and deprecations.

Analyze Okta Events with Falco

If your organization relies on Okta, find out how to detect threats from Okta Log Events using Falco.

OpenSSH SCP deprecation in RHEL 9

Discover the reasons for Red Hat to deprecate OpenSSH SCP in RHEL 9, and start adopting an alternative solution.

OPA Supply Chain Attacks

Learn how an attacker can abuse the Rego policy language to perform OPA Supply Chain Attacks.

Operation Jumbo Drop

Dig deep in the intricacies of how the AWS network works with this real-life story on how sending large packets broke a team’s AWS network.

What’s new with Sysdig?

Is your team drowning in container vulnerability noise?

We just announced Risk Spotlight, a new feature in Sysdig Secure that will help you eliminate noise and prioritize the vulnerabilities that really matter. Check it out!

While we are talking about vulnerability, read this guide to understand how vulnerability severity rating is calculated.

Understanding Kubernetes pod pending problems

Kubernetes pod pending is ubiquitous in every cluster. Discover why these problems happen and learn how to troubleshoot them.

Understanding and mitigating Spring4Shell

Two critical vulnerabilities in Spring libraries were reported in late March. Discover the differences and similarities between them, and how to mitigate its effects:

Digital Forensics Basics: A Practical Guide for Kubernetes DFIR

Discover what Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) is, and why DFIR for Kubernetes is so important.

Recent releases and ecosystem updates

Most Sysdig products received updates in the last few days: Sysdig Secure, Sysdig Monitor, Sysdig Agents, our CLI and tools, and much more. Read all about the interesting new features and ecosystem updates on our blog.