August 2022 Cloud-native news

Hello from all of us at Sysdig!

Come join us in the cloud, and let’s escape from this crazy-weather August. We have a little bit for everyone: Exciting releases, hacking conferences, shocking news, and a lot of tips for the newcomers. Let the cloud-native highlights begin!

Also, don’t miss all of Sysdig’s activity. We now block cryptojacking using Machine Learning, we achieved AWS Security Competency, and more!

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The news

Kubernetes 1.25 will be out this week

It brings 40 enhancements, including: PodSecurity admission is now Stable replacing PSPs, checkpoints for forensic analysis, user namespaces, improvements to KMS v2 and more!

Industry buzz

What’s new in Blackhat 25

Discover what the trends and highlights of the latest Blackhat 2022 are.

Ukraine’s cyber chief comes to Black Hat in surprise visit

Learn about the state of cyberwarfare in the country’s conflict with Russia.

Playing Doom on a John Deere tractor display

Dig into a new Jailbreak for John Deere tractors presented at Defcon.

Abusing Source Code Management Systems

Check out these common exploits and attacks of Source Code Management.

Who should write the Terraform?

Should you adopt DevOps? Discover why “it depends” may be a great answer.

How a cloud skills shortage is affecting multicloud adoption

Dig into this insight from the latest HashiCorp’s state of cloud survey.

Google Cloud revenue soars past $6 billion

Discover how Google Cloud is growing despite the macroeconomic uncertainty.

Community tips

Deploy applications on a multi-cluster environment

Learn to deploy Giant Swarm’s App Platform in your environment.

Fix potential security issues in your infrastructure at the source

Dig into how to apply security at the source using GitOps.

Security best practices for DNS in the Cloud

Discover how DNS works in cloud providers, and where you can start securing it.

Adopting Sigstore incrementally

Read how you could transition to use Sigstore in a modular way.

Automate your automation tools

Learn how to create a code pipeline by deploying an Ansible Controller.

Insights on the recent cyber attack on Cisco

Dig into the details behind the attack on Cisco network from last May.

A crash course on Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and AWS

Check out these four introductions to get you started in cloud native.

Exploiting GitHub Actions in Source Code Systems

Learn how to mitigate risks when using GitHub Actions on your CI/CD pipeline.

What’s new with Sysdig?

Machine learning to support the detection of malware

Sydig just announced a machine learning solution that focuses on detecting cryptominers, providing effective detection with precision of up to 99%.

Sysdig achieves AWS Security Competency

A status won for three categories. Discover what it means for our customers.

New ways to identify malicious software with Amazon GuardDuty

Read more about how Sysdig complements Amazon GuardDuty to hunt malware.

Monitoring PHP-FPM with Prometheus

Discover the top metrics to monitor, and set them up with PromCat integrations.

Recent releases and ecosystem updates

Read all about Sysdig’s interesting new features and ecosystem updates.