December 2019 Cloud-native News

Hello from all of us here at Sysdig! The end of the year approaches, and it’s time to look back. Our two takes from 2019 are: It’s been a great year for Kubernetes, and implementing security in cloud-native is a trending topic. With that in mind, here is our selection of the latest cloud-native news.

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Industry Buzz

Why isn’t Secure DevOps being practiced more?

A report by Synopsys highlighted how companies are embracing the DevOps ways, but they still think security slows down their releases. This article summarizes the report and explores why security is being left aside.

DevSecOps in Kubernetes

Security is not only about securing your applications, and blocking vulnerabilities from reaching production. You need to also secure the infrastructure behind your DevOps workflow.

Kubernetes audit: Making log auditing a viable practice again

Auditing is a key feature in any system to both detect non-compliant behavior, and investigate security incidents. Thankfully, the Kubernetes audit logs provide detailed event descriptions of all the API server calls and orchestration activity.

Network isolating 1,500 services for a more secure deployment

Implementing zero-trust allows to isolate your services between them, preventing attacks from spreading across your applications. Read on lessons learnt from implementing zero-trust in large scale clusters.

What’s new in the community?

A Kubernetes crime story

A troubleshooting story on how improving your monitoring unveils hidden issues. This is how a slight latency increase was detected, investigated and fixed.

Kubernetes 1.17 was released last week, this is what’s new!

This short-cycle release is focused on small improvements and house cleaning. Check out the new features in Kubernetes 1.17, like topology aware routing; and the improvements over existing ones, like the IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack support.

How to protect private Kubernetes services with OAuth2

It’s really easy to publish your Kubernetes services, but what happens when you want to keep some parts private? This tutorial shows how to use oauth2_proxy and GitHub to protect a service.

Takeaways from KubeCon North America 2019

KubeCon NA is over. Reaching 12,000 attendees, we can say without a doubt that the Kubernetes community is thriving more than ever. These days were full of interesting talks and announcements, and you can get a sense through these takeaways.

There were a total of 369 sessions, that are now available online.

How to use custom storage classes in Kubernetes?

Custom storage classes are essential for things like integrating cloud-native storage services with Kubernetes clusters. This tutorial teaches how to use and create your own storage classes.

What’s New with Sysdig?

Sysdig 3.0 release

With the inclusion of Kubernetes Policy Advisor, Falco Tuning and Activity Audit, Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform 3.0 is the industry’s first security tool to bring both prevention and incident response to Kubernetes.

2019 Container usage report

We’re excited to release the Sysdig 2019 Container Usage Report. Continued momentum for Kubernetes and cloud-native architectures is changing not just usage patterns, but processes and organizational structures as well.

Announcing Cloud-Native Security Hub

The Cloud-Native Security Hub is a place for discovering and sharing rules and configurations for security tools like Falco or OPA. The goal is to help users to tackle the complexity of securing their infrastructure through a community effort.

Introducing serverless support with Google Cloud Run

Google Cloud Run is the new serverless compute platform build on top of Knative. Learn how Sysdig can secure your Cloud Run workloads either running on Google Cloud or in Google Anthos.

Securing AWS container services

Are you using ECS or EKS? Learn how Sysdig extends security across all AWS container services to secure your Cloud-native workloads.

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