February 2023 – Cloud native news

Hello, from all of us at Sysdig!

News feeds have been busy with reports, cyberattacks, devops tips, and new product launches; here are our highlights.

Let the cloud-native news begin!

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The News

Industry Buzz

Stop those “system overview” dashboards

Are they useful if you cannot see what’s wrong at a glance?

Maybe consider using the four Golden Signals.

Updated AWS ransomware defense ebook

Now covering more features and services. Check it out!

Should companies be liable for cyberattacks?

Read why Google agrees with the U.S. Government.

Combating developer fatigue

Discover how vulnerability prioritization keeps you more secure.

Community Tips

Telemetry in the Go toolchain?

Discover why this proposal drove such a long discussion.

cURL Audit: A joke led to significant findings

Read how vulnerabilities were found by applying fuzzing to the command line parameters.

8220 Gang continues to evolve

Check how attackers evolve, with data from our honeypot.

Extra: How to build a honeypot.

Monitoring micro-front ends on Kubernetes

Dig into how to properly configure nginx-prometheus-exporter.

How to run databases in Kubernetes

Discover how and why this option can be reasonable.

What’s New with Sysdig

2023 cloud-native security and usage report

Dig into how Sysdig customers of all sizes and industries are using, securing, and paying for cloud and container environments.

We found some trends on supply chain risks, cloud cost and unused capacity, and overly-permissive access.

No time to read? Check out this 90 second video summary.

End-to-end vulnerability scanning

Discover how Sysdig’s vulnerability management integrates across the whole application lifecycle, while offering centralized governance to define the policies or create reports.

Unveiling Sysdig’s new custom webhook

Read how this notification channel is now more customizable.

The cloud monitoring journey

Monitoring is not a goal, but a path. Follow us into this journey, and discover in which of these six steps you are.

Recent releases and ecosystem updates

Read all about Sysdig’s new features and ecosystem updates.