January 2017 Container Newsletter.

Hello from all of us here at Sysdig! After the great comments and feedback we are doing it again: a newsletter to share the latest happenings in the container ecosystem across vendors and open source projects like Docker, Kubernetes, DC/OS Mesos, Openshift, etc. We hope you enjoy this! Ping us at @sysdig or on our open source slack group #sysdig to share anything you feel we should include here, we are looking forward your contributions! DOCKER

What’s new in Docker 1.13

You probably read 10 different articles on what’s new in Docker 1.13. If not, this is the most complete one, or at least the one we liked more so far!

A container networking overview

One of the hardest things to understand about all this newfangled container stuff is – what is even going on with the networking? Julia Evans explains it for us here.

Netflix releases Conductor

Netflix keeps open sourcing the software they use for running containers on AWS, after Titus and Fenzo they come with Conductor: an orchestration engine that runs in the cloud.

Yahoo releases

Yahoo is also on the container bandwagon, and released, a build system to enable Continuous Delivery at scale for dynamic infrastructure.

Why Lambda and serverless won’t kill Docker

Should Docker fear FaaS and serverless? A discussion on why there is place for both in modern enterprises.

RAFT explained

Reaching consensus in an asynchronous distributed system is one of the most tricky parts. RAFT is the algorithm used by Docker Swarm between others. This is a detailed explanation on how it works.

Can we use containers to deploy storage?

These are the approaches the ecosystem is taking into using containers to build up storage blocks.


AWS BLOX vs Kubernetes

Last month Amazon released BLOX, a set of tools for ECS to built your own schedulers, like Netflix has done. But, how does it compare with Kubernetes?

eBay’s TessMaster to bring together Kubernetes and Openstack

We see all the big tech corporations releasing their infrastructure software. eBay is doing the same with their software TessMaster, a management framework to deploy Kubernetes on top of Openstack.

How Disney is realizing the multi-cloud promise of Kubernetes

Disney ops team presented at KubeCon how they are using Kubernetes across multiple providers while still connected to their network.

Kubernetes Deployment Options

There are multiple ways to deploy Kubernetes: kubeadm, kops, containers, etc. This presentation summarizes them all.

Kubernetes trends

We found these two interesting Kubernetes user surveys to understand how people out there use it: Container Management Trends and Kubernetes UX survey.

Deploy a Highly Available WordPress instance as a StatefulSet in Kubernetes 1.5

Practical on-hands article into stateful workloads in Kubernetes 1.5 with WordPress as the usual suspect example app.


Openshift 3.4 released!

The new version of Openshift brings a bunch of new features including storage provisioning and support for storage classes, scheduler improvements, etc. Exciting! DC/OS MESOS

The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale

Twitter is one of the biggest Mesos users out there. This is an extensive discussion of the challenges they faced building their infrastructure.

DC/OS 101 tutorial

Considering DC/OS? Do you think it might be too complex to start with? They have published a DC/OS 101 tutorial to help you take the first steps.

Also From our Blog

On Monoliths, Kubernetes, and Monitoring: Transitioning to Docker at Major League Soccer. Understanding how Kubernetes DNS Services work.


High interaction honeypots with Sysdig and Falco

Leveraging Sysdig and Falco to quickly set up, monitor and investigate high interaction honeypots.

Troubleshooting Docker and Kubernetes

How to use Sysdig to troubleshoot network, DNS and container creation issues in Kubernetes, real issues we experienced ourselves.

Monitoring Openshift with Sysdig Cloud

A walk through of how Sysdig Cloud provides visibility of projects, services and containers on Red Hat Openshift. If you are interested in both, we are holding a webinar with Red Hat on February 9th.

Kubernetes helps Comcast re-engineer Cable TV

Comcast is one of our Sysdig Cloud customers, they presented how they use Kubernetes at KubeCon.