January 2021 cloud-native news

Hello, from all of us at Sysdig!

A new year is upon us. From all of us at Sysdig, here’s hoping 2021 brings you good health, happiness, and success. One thing is certain; the future of the Kubernetes ecosystem looks bright when you check our cloud-native highlights!

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The news

Fosdem 2021 will be an online event on Feb. 6 and 7.

Stackrox was acquired by Red Hat.

AWS introduced several security products during re:Invent 2020.

New products include container image support for AWS Lambda and a public container registry.

Google Cloud now offers container threat detection.

OpenShift support for Windows containers is now generally available.

Industry buzz

CNCF observations and 2021 vision

It’s been six months since Priyanka Sharma took over the general manager role at the CNCF. Here is a lookback to this period, plus some hints on what’s to come.

Open source is taking over security

Discover how speed of innovation is driving this trend, and how commercial products are adapting to it.

What were 2020’s trends?

The beginning of the year is a great opportunity to look at the big picture and prepare for what’s to come.

Some interesting reads are the CNCF annual report, the AWS container security survey, and the Sysdig container security and usage report

Detecting a red team attack in AWS

This chronicle of a red team attack is a great example of how these kinds of planned attacks can help you understand your weaknesses.

Container security best practices:
Forensics & incident response

Feb. 4 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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Worldpay gains competitive edge with faster delivery of innovative PCI-compliant payment solutions globally

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Community tips

Kubernetes 1.20 is here! What’s next?

Read all about it in the official release, and dig into all of the new enhancements with our What’s new in Kubernetes 1.20 article.

Don’t panic over the Docker deprecation, and be conscious about the changes coming up to Pod Security Policies.

Service discovery in Kubernetes

Learn how it works with several example scenarios.

Build your Kubernetes operator with the right tool

What are the options to create a Kubernetes operator? Discover which is the right one for you.

Scaling datastores at Slack with Vitess

Using MySQL and thinking of migrating to Kubernetes? You might enjoy some interesting tips from the Slack team.


What’s New with Sysdig?

Sysdig 2021 container security and usage report

Shifting security left is not enough. Too many containers are running as root, open source is trending over security, and Docker has some competition.

Learn more in our annual security and usage report.

Cooking the perfect holiday ham with IoT, Prometheus, and you

Cooking directions: “30 minutes before the ham reaches 140ºF, cover with glaze.” But, how do you know the temperature in the future?

Learn how to leverage PromQL and predictive alerts to cook the perfect ham.

Falco vs. AuditD from the HIDS perspective

Learn what to look for in a Host Intrusion Detection tool, and how Falco compares to AuditD.

Detect CVE-2020-8554 using Falco

An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to intercept traffic from other pods or nodes in the cluster. Learn how it works and how to mitigate it with Falco.

Recent releases and ecosystem updates

Most Sysdig products received updates in the last few days: Sysdig Secure, Sysdig Monitor, our Falco rules, new resources, and much more. Read all about Sysdig’s interesting new features and ecosystem updates in our blog.

And in case you missed it, here is our December’s update.


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Container security best practices:
Forensics & incident response

Feb. 4 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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Developer Week – Virtual
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Kubernetes 1.20: Straight talk from the release team
Feb. 18 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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Kubernetes Attacks: What your cluster is trying to tell you
Feb. 25 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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