January 2022 Cloud-native news

Hello from all of us at Sysdig!

Welcome to the 2022 first Cloud-native news edition! January has been a busy month for the cloud-native community. Don’t miss our cloud-native highlights!

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The news

Industry buzz

INE Acquires

Discover how INE expanded its training offering with CloudSkills, a new member of the family, a few months after the acquisition of Pentester Academy.

SRE Principles

Check out these four site reliability engineering (SRE) principles, which are a little different from the more traditional DevOps principles.

What is eBPF?

Don’t miss this well-explained, deep article about eBPF, full of examples you can try on any Linux machine.

Design Patterns for Building Observable Services

Learn how you can make services observable and embrace service ownership by applying some universally applicable design patterns.

Community tips

Trace network traffic in Kubernetes

Read how packets flow inside and outside a Kubernetes cluster, starting from the initial web request and down to the container hosting the application.

Kwatch + Slack to detect Kubernetes crashes

Learn how to set up and deploy kwatch on your Kubernetes cluster, and integrate it with Slack to get notified if there is a crash in your apps.

Monitoring new syscalls with Falco

Learn, from the experience of a Falco developer, how to add support for a new syscall to the core of Falco in this comprehensive article.

Tuning garbage collection to save money

Don’t miss this mind-blowing article from Uber about how they saved 70K cores in a dozen of services by tuning Go’s garbage collector.

Dozens of applications in a single server

Take a look at this interesting article explaining the simple, yet powerful setup an engineer uses to host several containers in a single server.

What’s New with Sysdig?

Sysdig is a Top 20 Coolest Cloud Security Company, says CRN

Looking for another reason to partner with Sysdig for cloud security? As part of the Computer Reseller News annual Cloud 100 list, Sysdig was named to a select list of 20 coolest cloud security companies.

Sysdig Welcomes Gerald and the Wireshark Community

Gerald Combs, the creator and project leader of Wireshark, has joined Sysdig. With this, Sysdig became the primary sponsor of Wireshark, with an eye for extending Wireshark to the cloud ecosystem. Don’t miss the announcement video!

The Sysdig 2022 Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report

We released the 5th annual report, which digs into how Sysdig customers of all sizes and industries are using and securing cloud and container environments. Shocking findings include, 75% of running containers have high-risk vulnerabilities.We examined the data and found interesting trends that can help as you develop best practices for securing your cloud-native environments.

Initial access in cloud attacks – Vulnerable AWS Lambda function

The research team will explain a real attack scenario from the black box and white box perspective on how a vulnerable AWS Lambda function could be used by attackers as initial access into your cloud environment.

Pet surveillance with Falco

We show you how to enrich Falco security through a smart plugin that may not stop your pet from bad behavior, but will warn you when it does misbehave!

Monitor Counter-Strike with Prometheus

Learn how to install a Counter-Strike server and monitor it with Prometheus, along with the instance in which it’s running. CSGO is a game, but tweaking performance isn’t!

Recent releases and ecosystem updates

Most Sysdig products received updates in the last few days: Sysdig Secure and the Sysdig Cloud Connector, Sysdig Agents, our CLI and tools, and much more. Read all about the interesting new features and ecosystem updates on our blog.