January 2023 – Cloud native news

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The News

Kubernetes 1.26 is electrifying

Kubernetes 1.26 is out and brings 37 enhancements:

Industry Buzz

New U.S. Cyber Strategy

It will require some companies to protect against hacks.

Cloud Native Security Predictions for 2023

More CVEs, eBPF is king, Rust in the Linux Kernel, check it all.

Sigstore Helped Autodesk Meet FedRAMP

Read how sigstore helped cover the provenance requirements.

Azure Kubernetes Doubles Down on WebAssembly

WebAssembly is growing in popularity, discover why.

Managing the Cost of Kubernetes

Is Kubernetes expensive? Check these tips to reduce costs.

Kubernetes Security Projects to Watch in 2023

Want to strengthen k8s security? Take a look at these 10 projects.

[Video] Is Devops Dead?

Platform engineering is growing in popularity. But will it replace devops? Discover how they relate with this video.

Community Tips

Breaking RSA with a Quantum Computer

Is this the end of encryption? Not yet, check the details.

The YAML Document from Hell

Love it or hate it, it’s always fun to check YAML’s weird stuff.

2022: A Year in CVEs

What’s the trend? What was most affected? Discover it.

The Benefits of Deployment Observability

Read how this team simplified their deployment pipelines.

The OCI Image Layout

Dive into this description of the internals of container images.

Top 15 Kubectl plugins for security engineers

Get inspiration to reinforce your Kubernetes security.

What’s New with Sysdig

Our Journey Into Cutting Kubernetes Costs by 40%

We recently announced Cost Advisor.

Discover the areas of Kubernetes where you can act to save costs if you have the right visibility. We’ve seen an average of 40% savings.

Sysdig Secure and Google Security Command Center (SCC) Integration

You can now send Sysdig-enriched events to Google SCC as part of your incident troubleshooting and remediation workflow.

Sysdig Monitor introduces native support for Microsoft Azure Monitor

Find the signal in the noise. Sysdig Monitor ingests your data using the API to make it easy to get the insights you need to monitor and troubleshoot performance issues in your cloud-native environment.

Sysdig Secure-Google Chronicle Integration: Why, What, and How?

Discover how together, Sysdig Secure and Google Chronicle:

  • Make SOC teams’ journey easy by unfolding evidence, providing answers and remediation faster and clearer to security threats.
  • Enable customers to extract more value from the data we collect from their cloud workloads in their runtime environments.
  • Foster cross-functional value with security, compliance, and DevOps teams.