July 2017 Container Newsletter.

Hello from all of us here at Sysdig! Sysdig Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit, the hands-on container conference, is only two months away, keynotes have been announced, new trainings sessions are available and the awesome after party is booked. Hope to see you there! Register now for the early bird discount and get all this goodness for half the cost! Even now, mid summer, the container tech world keeps churning out amazing content, so here it is again: a monthly newsletter to share the latest happenings in the container ecosystem across vendors and open source projects like Docker, Kubernetes, DC/OS Mesos, Openshift, and more. We hope you enjoy this! Ping us at @sysdig or on our open source slack group #sysdig to share anything you feel we should include here, we are looking forward your contributions!


Docker security best practices

This article elegantly outlines the main container-related security threats and the best practices and tools to protect from them.

Test ELK in PWD

Build your own Elastic Stack using Play-With-Docker Swarm mode in just 5 minutes, step-by-step and very easy to follow.

Azure Container Instances

Azure Container Instances start in seconds and are billed by the second. Current container management tools and a promising roadmap.

Docker Swarm Orchestration

Series of three extensive and methodical posts on Docker Swarm that present all the fundamental concepts. Install, scheduling services, consuming services.

SQL Server 2017 Docker image

SQL Server on Ubuntu? Yes, of course! Here’s a practical tutorial on deploying Microsoft’s database using Docker containers.

Traefik as a Docker reverse proxy

Experiences of using Traefik as the reverse proxy (or ingress controller) for a docker-compose cluster of containers.

Write your own Docker auth plugin

The Docker daemon is extensible. The author of this blogpost explains and shares the code of his own Docker auth plugin to fine tune API access.

Reproducible research: StarCraft

An actually serious research on strategic StarCraft planification: Using Docker to make experiments reproducible over any host system.

Sign all the things!

Notary + LinuxKit, a match made in heaven. Get every LinuxKit package signed to improve the modularity without having to renounce to verifiability and security.


Kubernetes 1.7 What’s new

Kubernetes 1.7 is here already. Persistent storage, secrets management, extra extensibility. Learn what’s new.

Play with K8S

Sure you have heard about ‘Play with Docker’, but  wouldn’t it be awesome to have a similar Kubernetes playground? This guys are getting there.

Intro to the Kubernetes Architecture

A well organized glossary of all the entities that conform a Kubernetes cluster. It’s a really useful Kubernetes cheat sheet for newcomers.

Cluster schedulers

A really extensive and complete article covering container scheduling, an often overlooked and somewhat frightening piece of software.

Etcd operator

This (beta) tool from the CoreOS teams aims to streamline the management of the etcd node clusters that supports Kubernetes.

Secured Kubernetes cluster on AWS with Kops

This post will guide you creating a new K8S cluster on AWS and establishing its security foundations, roles and auth mechanisms.

The day your laptop became a datacenter

Exciting title, right? 15 minutes, Rancher, Docker Virtualbox and your laptop is all you need.

Linux Foundation – Free introduction to Kubernetes

Containers are IT’s future, and the Linux Foundation now offers you a free Kubernetes online class to get your skills up to speed.

Kubernetes templating

Templating is in the process of being standardized. You will be able to replace some fixed values in the YAML conf files with the appropriate context variables.


Five OpenShift development environments

In five minutes, that’s how easy and fast is to start experimenting with the OpenShift environment. Really impressive compilation.

Deploy Helm charts on your local OpenShift

How-to install the client and server sides of Helm in your local Minishift deployment and test the entire collection of readily-available Helm charts in a playground environment.

Red Hat: the next cloud giant?

With the OpenShift Online cloud platform and several other changes in their software and offering, Red Hat is rapidly positioning itself as a strong cloud player.


A Q&A with Mesosphere

An enjoyable, easy to read blogpost in the form of questions and answers to understand the basic concepts, strengths and goals of Mesos and DC/OS.

Building modern data-rich applications

The IT challenges once faced by Google, Facebook, etc are commonplace business challenges today. Thrive in this big-data fast-autoscaling world using Mesosphere.

SMACK stack, the webinar

We already talked about the SMACK stack (allegedly the new LAMP). Do not miss this webinar outlining every piece of the architecture, customer examples and demos.


Sysdig Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit – UPDATE Register Now!

Sept 26-27 in San Francisco. This is the hands-on container conference.  Check out our updated agenda. Keynotes by Kelsey Hightower from Google, Diogo Monica from Docker and Loris Degioanni our CEO/Founder Sysdig and more. Plus just announced 4 hour Container Troubleshooting Workshop. Plus just announced 4 hour Container Troubleshooting Workshop.  Call for Papers Closes Aug 1. Submit your story today!

Csysdig explained visually

Gentle introduction to csysdig, an htop like container troubleshooting tool that natively acquires Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos metadata and context.

List of Docker and containers events in EU & US

Catch up with the container news and it’s people. Must-Attend Docker and containers events and conferences in EU and US. When, Where and Why.