June 2020 cloud-native news

Hello, from all of us at Sysdig!

Thanks to cloud applications, people can keep shopping, connecting with friends, and working from home during this global pandemic. As a result, new companies are jumping to the cloud. Whether you’re just getting started with Kubernetes, or have experience, we’ve compiled some cloud-native highlights for you.

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Getting started with Kubernetes

If you’re beginning on your cloud-native journey, here are a few Kubernetes tips:

Start with the basics

Know your containers & deployments

Try something new, like these advanced topics

Building healthy cloud native software webinar with Loris Degioanni and Kris Nova

Building healthy
cloud native software

June 25 | 10am PDT | 7pm CEST

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Industry buzz

Blacks live matter

Many cloud-related companies showed their support to the BLM movement, including Sysdig. Here are some thoughts on how the tech community can provide further support.

🎂 Happy birthday, Kubernetes

Kubernetes turned six at the beginning of the month, happy birthday! Don’t miss this podcast with the creators of Kubernetes looking back through the years.

While we celebrate, let’s look at six things you might not know about Kubernetes.

The edge you need to keep moving forward

During the global pandemic, cloud applications kept businesses moving forward: People could shop, connect with friends and work from home. This article provides tips for successfully moving to the cloud with Secure DevOps, and can be interesting for your less cloud-savvy colleagues.

In other news…


What’s new in the community?

Supporting the evolving Ingress specification in Kubernetes 1.18

Ingress saw a revamp in Kubernetes 1.18, and it’s getting ready for GA in 1.19. Learn what has changed and what you need to adopt this new specification.

About CVE-2020-8555

This server side request forgery vulnerability affects kube-controller-manager from v1.15 to v1.18. Here is a behind the scenes look from the team that discovered it.

Extra: here is how to use Falco to detect if CVE-2020-8555 is being exploited.

Know your attack vectors

These two articles describe two known attacks on Kubernetes and how to mitigate them. The first is to steal credentials on ECS, the second is to do privilege escalation on GKE.

Some extras…


What’s New with Sysdig?

New and improved dashboards

We just released a lot of new features for Sysdig Monitor dashboards, including support for PromQL, team sharing, an improved UX, predictions… and much more!

Read all about it and discover what new possibilities are now unlocked.

Attack of the mutant tags!

The image you scanned might not be the image you’re deploying. Discover mutant tags, the problems associated with them and mitigation strategies.

Detect reverse shell with Falco and Sysdig Secure

A reverse shell can provide unwanted access to your machine, even if you don’t have sshd installed. Learn how this attack works and how to detect it using Falco.

And also…


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Building healthy cloud native software webinar with Loris Degioanni and Kris Nova

Building healthy
cloud native software

June 25 | 10am PDT | 7pm CEST

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