May 2020 cloud-native news

Hello, from all of us at Sysdig!

Remote work and remote customers are pushing companies to double down on the cloud. This is our “back to the basics” edition, with tips and tricks for getting started as you secure and monitor critical business apps.

Of course, we still cover the usual cloud-native highlights as well.

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Welcome to the cloud

If you have suddenly found yourself on a cloud-native journey, here are a few tips:

Learn Kubernetes basics

Hands on with Kubernetes

Mastering Kubernetes

AWS Observability 101:
Kubernetes and Prometheus Monitoring
with Sysdig

May 21 | 10am PDT | 7pm CEST

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30-60-90 Day Checklist
for a DevOps Engineer
A framework to successfully onboard DevOps engineers.

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Industry buzz

15 ways to secure Kubernetes

Running Kubernetes in production requires care, and with so many configurations, chances are that you might miss something. That’s why these tips are so useful.

Observability and the misleading promise of AIOps

Is artificial intelligence the future of Ops? Maybe, after it polishes some edges.

Building a Kubernetes platform for the edge

Implementing a cloud solution is a challenge, and edge computing raises the stakes. To succeed on the edge, you’ll need to follow good practices like these.

In other news…


What’s new in the community?

Harbor 2.0, now with OCI support

Harbor has become the first OCI-compliant open source registry capable of storing cloud-native artifacts like container images, Helm charts, OPAs, Singularity and more.

Kubernetes 1.18 broke “kubectl run”

Creating Deployments with it was deprecated in 1.18. Here’s what to do about it.

Tips for building container images

You can make small images that deploy faster, since not every container has an operating system. Also, build them faster with distcc, ccache and kubernetes.

Advanced deployment techniques

Discover how Gloo can help you with two-phased canary rollouts, and you can perform rolling updates and blue-green deployments with HAProxy.

Some extras…


What’s New with Sysdig?

Enterprise-class Prometheus monitoring

Learn how, in this “behind-the-scenes” blog, we prepared our data store for the increase in metrics throughput that will ship alongside full Prometheus compatibility.

Also, discover our contributions to optimize the YACE Prometheus exporter for AWS Cloudwatch.

A twist on OPA

If you’re using OPA in your Kubernetes cluster, don’t miss these two resources:

Secure DevOps at the Edge with Sysdig and IBM

Edge computing doesn’t only exponentially increase the number of services to monitor, but also the ones to secure; and we are up to the challenge!


Stay safe. Meet us online:

AWS Observability 101:
Kubernetes and Prometheus Monitoring
with Sysdig

May 21 | 10am PDT | 7pm CEST

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Best Practices to Secure Containers
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