May 2022 Cloud-native news

Hello from all of us at Sysdig!

May is done, and we had a blast at KubeCon EU (in person and virtually). It was great meeting so many of you. Don’t miss our cloud-native highlights!

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The news

Industry buzz

Notes from KubeCon 2022 EU

What a success! With 7,000+ attendants in person, events are safely coming back!

DevOps vs. DevSecOps: What are the differences?

Discover how mind changing it is to implement security with a DevOps philosophy.

DORA state of DevOps survey

For the second year, we’re partnering with DORA and Google Cloud on the State of DevOps Report. We need YOUR help, please weigh in on the survey before it closes on July 22!

You aren’t doing GitOps without drift detection

Learn what configuration drift is, and how automating ops with git can prevent it.

Shift left is only part of secure software delivery

Preventing vulnerabilities is only the first step. Don’t forget the runtime.

Community tips

A brief stroll through the CNCF eBPF landscape

eBPF is hot, it was everywhere at KubeCon. Check which CNCF projects use it.

Sigstore in Kubernetes 1.24

Discover why this can cause massive adoption of Sigstore for protecting OSS.

Increasing the security bar in Ingress-NGINX v1.2.0

Starting with v1.2.0, the NGINX process is chrooted. Dive into the implications.

Deploying Kubernetes clusters in increasingly absurd languages

Deploying with Perl or Fortran? Check how Pulumi makes it possible.

Getting started developing Falco

Interested in Falco and want to contribute your ideas? Check this guide!

Prometheus 2.35 – What’s new?

This release includes better integration with cloud providers… and much more!

Trends at Blackhat Asia 2022

Kubernetes, Cloud Security, and more. Check our notes!

How to detect TOR network connections with Falco

Read how nothing is out of sight from Falco, not even the onion layers of TOR.

How to use Atomic Red Team to test Falco rules in K8s

Discover how to run the Atomic Red Team on Kubernetes for testing Falco rules.

What’s new with Sysdig?

Sysdig Advisor: Making Kubernetes troubleshooting effortless

We’re excited to announce Advisor, a new Kubernetes troubleshooting product in Sysdig Monitor, that accelerates troubleshooting by up to 10x.

Building on Sysdig’s open source foundation

We welcome Edd Wilder-James as VP of Open Source Ecosystem.

Improving AWS security services with Sysdig Secure

Discover how Sysdig complements AWS to secure your cloud infrastructure.

Hunting AWS RDS security events with Sysdig

See how Sysdig can help you secure your databases in AWS.

Use Case: Beekeeper & Sysdig

Discover how Beekeeper serves up secure communications, data, and applications across cloud environments with Sysdig.

Recent releases and ecosystem updates

Read all about Sysdig interesting new features and ecosystem updates on our blog.