November 2016 Container Newsletter.

Hello from all of us here at Sysdig! We are starting this newsletter to share the latest happenings in the container ecosystem across vendors and open source projects like Docker, Kubernetes, DC/OS Mesos, Openshift, etc. We hope you enjoy this! Ping us at @sysdig or on our open source slack group #sysdig to share anything you feel we should include here, we are looking forward your contributions!


Docker Global Mentor Week 2016

The Docker Global Mentor Week 2016 is happening next week. With more than 100 events around the world, advanced users will be mentoring new Devs and Ops people learning how to use and run Docker.

Docker at LinuxCon Europe

Solomon Hykes, Founder and Docker CTO talked at LinuxCon Europe about Docker’s mission to make make the Internet programmable. He also covered the latest from Docker for Mac, Docker for AWS and InfraKit, a work in progress self-healing infrastructure management tool.

Docker Container Anti Patterns

10 stone written rules on what you shouldn’t be doing when deploying microservices in containers.

Dockerizing MySQL at Uber

Are containers just for stateless services? Stateful services like databases can also benefit from running in containers and this is why Uber has started to run MySQL inside Docker. If you are getting started with containers, we liked HAproxy – MySQL cluster on Docker.

Docker is Actively Harmful to Engineering Organizations

Is all the hype around Docker helping DevOps teams to hide their problems rather solving them? Some think so.


Kubernetes Helm Charts

Is there a simple and standardized way to deploy the most common applications on top of Kubernetes? Well, wait no more: Helm Charts.

10 Reasons to Love Kubernetes

Still deciding how to move to Kubernetes? Here are 5 reasons why you will love it and here 5 more. We prefer not to give any spoilers, a must read.

Walmart Will Manage 200+ Distribution Centers with Kubernetes

Both inside and outside US, Walmart is well known for running their own infrastructure. They recently announced they’ll add Kubernetes to their infrastructure stack in more than 200 distribution centers across the country.

The future of Kubernetes

With the end of the year approaching and so much going on around Kubernetes, the commmunity starts to speculate on what’s coming next. We liked Is 2017 the Year of Kubernetes? and Thinking Out Loud: The Future of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm: Comparing the Rancher Orchestration Engine Options

Nice comparison of the features and usability of the 3 most popular orchestration platforms that can be used with Rancher. This was a hot topic with Adrian Mouat also covering all 3 options at LinuxCon Europe.


Performance and Scalability Tuning Kubernetes for OpenShift and Docker

One of the many interesting talks at KubeCon, some tips on how to achieve required performance for production Openshift clusters both at the software and hardware level.

What’s new in Openshift 3.3?

Openshift 3.3 was released. This is a nice blog post series on what’s new: Cluster Management, Developer Experience, Web Console and Enterprise Container Registry.


Sysdig Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit

Last month we had our first open-source community event in San Francisco. Over 700 people virtual and in person met to discuss the past, present, and future of kernel-level instrumentation and monitoring and troubleshooting in containers. Videos and slides will be released soon, keep tuned!

Sysdig Teams, presented at KubeCon

We were also at KubeCon in Seattle last week. Where our CEO Loris Degioanni presented Sysdig teams in his talk “You’re monitoring Kubernetes Wrong”.

What’s new lately?

This is a great recap of what we have been working on lately, in addition to the previously mentioned teams: Sysdig Cloud Fall 2016 Release.


Microsoft Azure Container Service

Microsoft catches up with Google and Amazon, by releasing their managed container service. They’ve also announced they will offer native Kubernetes integration with their service. It’s worth remembering that Azure Container Service runs on Mesosphere DCOS.

How Uber Manages A Million Writes Per Second Using Mesos And Cassandra Across Multiple Datacenters

Uber is one of those companies where big data is really huge. We mentioned before how they manage MySQL, this time lets go NoSQL with how they use Cassandra and Kafka handling million writes per second, on their Mesos platform.

DC/OS: 6 months as an open source project

Mesosphere, the company behind DC/OS and Mesos recently open-sourced their product in a move towards engaging the community, this is a recap of what happened over the past 6 months.

Parity Check: Do We Need All That Scalability Mesos Offers?

With all the traction that Kubernetes has, where is Mesos going to sit? This is a recent analysis of what’s trending in the orchestration world.