October 2022 Cloud-native news

Hello from all of us at Sysdig!

October is here, and so are exciting releases, security news, and a lot of tips. Here at Sysdig, we have launched the Cost Advisor – your balance sheet’s new best friend, and our new CSPM features are finally GA.

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The news

Industry buzz

How to monitor Istio, the Kubernetes service mesh

Monitor Istio, the service mesh that adds extra capabilities to your infrastructure.

10 best practices from the industry and community in Kubernetes security

Read a quick list of 10 good tips to increase the security of your Kubernetes clusters.

How we automated Java profiling: In production, without redeploy

Learn how the Pixie devs were able to automate Java profiling without new deploys.

Community tips

Running Falco on Apple Silicon

Does your Mac have an M1 chip? Learn how to install Falco on it!

Kubernetes ErrImagePull and ImagePullBackOff in detail

Learn how images are pulled and how to debug these two errors.

Create a Falco plugin for HashiCorp Nomad

Join Erik, Jason, and Thomas in this video and learn how to develop a Falco plugin from scratch!

Falco 0.33.0 is now available

Learn about the new features and changes in the new release.

cert-manager becomes a CNCF incubating project

Discover how and why the cert-manager project has reached the incubation status in the CNCF!

What is a Kubernetes node?

It’s something that everyone has worked with, but what are they in Kubernetes?

Managing Kyverno policies as OCI Artifacts with OCIRepository sources

Did you know that managing Kyverno policies as OCI artifacts is possible?

Assigning Kubernetes Pods to Nodes

Learn how Kube-scheduler assigns Pods to Nodes, and how you can control it.

What’s new with Sysdig?

Coming Soon: Sysdig presents the new Cost Advisor

We recently announced Cost Advisor, a cost-savings tool for cloud-native environments. This tool gives you visibility into Kubernetes costs and automatically helps you identify areas to reduce them. With Cost Advisor, you can reduce wasted spending by 40% on average.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce wasted resources by an average of 40%.
  • Report granular costs for chargebacks.
  • Get alerted on spending spikes.
  • Leverage monitoring tool for cost visibility.

Available Now: Sysdig CSPM remediates security issues in seconds

Our industry’s first Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) offering is now generally available. It aggregates security findings by root cause and prioritizes remediation based on impact.

Denial of services affected Kubernetes

Discover how to prevent DoS attacks in Kubernetes using Falco and Calico.

Attackers using MFA Fatigue to get initial access

Check how to detect MFA spamming with Falco.

Sysdig Talks 2022 Threat Landscape (Live)

Watch the recording of our latest webinar, where Sysdig’s Director of Thought Leadership Anna Belak and Director of Threat Research Michael Clark discuss the Sysdig Cloud Native Threat Report.

Recent releases and ecosystem updates

Read all about Sysdig’s interesting new features and ecosystem updates.