September 2020 cloud-native news

Hello, from all of us at Sysdig!

September has been a busy month in the cloud-native community. We, at Sysdig, are excited to announce the first automated image scanning solution for AWS Fargate, and threat detection using AWS CloudTrail. Don’t miss our cloud-native highlights!

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Customer spotlight

Pike 13 case study

Read how Pike13 maximizes application uptime with higher efficiency on Amazon ECS.

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Steelcase case study

See how JW Player delivers amazing video experiences on AWS to 1B+users.

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Industry buzz

Lessons learned from running Kubernetes in Production

Advice from companies that are running Kubernetes in production: Cognizant has been running Kubernetes for three years, and GitLab for one year.

Secure at every step

Discover what software supply chain security is and why it matters.

Your team is running containers, but are they secure?

How do you know your team put effective security and compliance controls in place? . Learn security best practices from our CEO.

5 biggest outages of Q2 2020

One of the cloud benefits is high availability, however, it’s not infallible. What can we learn from the five biggest outages from this year?

Ship Apps Faster on AWS with Unified Visibility and Security

Ship apps faster on AWS with unified visibility and security
Oct. 8 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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Sysdig Free Trial

Try Sysdig Today! Onboard secure DevOps in 5 minutes with our simplified onboarding.

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Close the Security and Visibility Gap for Containers on AWS

Close the security and visibility gap for containers on AWS
The Sysdig Secure DevOps platform plugs into your AWS workflow.

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Sysdig Secure training

Sysdig Secure 101 Learn how to run your production workloads with confidence.

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What’s new in the community?

AWS Bottlerocket, a Linux distribution built to run containers

Bottlerocket brings built-in security hardening and a transactional update mechanism to decrease operational costs. Sysdig was a launch partner.

Service proxy, pod, sidecar, oh my!

Learn the sidecar pattern by example: Using envoy proxy to mitigate HTTP errors.

Docker best practices with Node.js

Node.js is an ideal language to build cloud applications. Discover best practices to build node containers.

Kubernetes clients and dashboards: a comparison

Looking for a dashboard to manage Kubernetes? This comparison might help you.

Containers are trending!

There has been a lot of news on container registries and formats this month:


What’s New with Sysdig?

This month we have interesting new features and info on the Sysdig ecosystem, here are some highlights:

Threat detection using CloudTrail with Falco

Our latest release will help you secure your AWS workloads in new ways:

Secure and monitor AWS Outposts

Sysdig achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation. Now, we are ready to secure and monitor your AWS Outposts infrastructure and services across hybrid environments, including on-premises.

5 Prometheus exporters best practices

These best practices will help you implement a monitoring solution based on Prometheus, it will also increase your productivity.

Detecting and mitigating CVE-2020-14386

This high severity threat is a kernel security vulnerability that enables an unprivileged local process to gain root access to the system. Discover how to detect and mitigate this vulnerability with Falco and Sysdig Secure.

How to monitor Istio

Learn how to monitor Istio, the Kubernetes service mesh. In this article, you will also learn what metrics you should track, and how to follow A/B deployments.

ISG names Sysdig a leader in both container security and observability

We are excited to be the only company to be named a leader in both the observability and security quadrants on cloud and container solutions!


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Ship Apps Faster on AWS with Unified Visibility and Security

Ship apps faster on AWS with unified visibility and security
Oct. 8 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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DeveloperWeek | Cloud
September 29-30

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Operationalizing Kubernetes Virtual summit
October 1

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Exploring Kubernetes 1.19:
highlights & hands-on demos

Oct. 15 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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So many metrics, so little time:
5 Prometheus best practice

Oct. 20 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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xinetd, the first serverless
Join Kris Nova and Spencer Krum every Friday on

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