Unified visibility and security for Mesosphere DC/OS.

Mesosphere & Sysdig partner to help enterprises deliver reliable and secure cloud-native applications built on DC/OS & Kubernetes.

Sysdig + Mesosphere

From scale and depth of insight to Prometheus integration and enterprise-class control and security, Sysdig is uniquely qualified to support Mesosphere customers. With Sysdig, DC/OS + Kubernetes users resolve issues faster, mitigate risk, and accelerate the transition to cloud-native architectures.

Service-level DC/OS container monitoring + troubleshooting.

With Sysdig monitoring you can collect, graph and alert on system and application specific metrics like connections, errors, response time, slow database queries, top URLs or custom Prometheus, statsd or JMX metrics. Aggregate by namespace, deployments or pods down to individual containers. Even monitor the state of your DC/OS cluster.

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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management, run-time security + forensics.

Detect abnormal container and application behavior, leveraging host, process, network and file system activity. Remediate potential threat, via container isolation, pausing or killing a suspicious container. Implement policies using Kubernetes metadata so rules are applied as your infrastructure changes.

Key Benefits for Enterprises with DC/OS

Accelerate time to production.

Get unmatched visibility and security to confidently bring your newest, most important cloud-native applications into production faster.

Identify and resolve problems faster.

Use real-time alerting, deep forensics and service-oriented views to find and fix issues before they impact operations across your clusters.

Increase operational efficiency.

Radically improve your operational posture with unified security and monitoring for containers on AWS with management from a single point.

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