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Cloud scale monitoring with full Prometheus compatibility

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Cloud Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Containers

Sysdig Monitor allows you to maximize the performance and availability of your cloud infrastructure, services and applications. Cloud monitoring at scale, with full Prometheus compatibility, provides deep visibility into rapidly changing container environments. You can resolve issues faster by using granular data derived from actual system calls, which are enriched with cloud and Kubernetes context. Additionally, remove silos by unifying data across teams for hybrid and multi-cloud monitoring.

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Full Prometheus Compatibility

Sysdig Monitor is the first commercially available cloud monitoring platform that is fully compatible with Prometheus. Give developers their preferred monitoring approach without the management headache. Sysdig scales to millions of metrics with long-term retention and a single backend. You can maximize performance and availability with deep visibility into infrastructure, services and applications by using granular syscall data enriched with Kubernetes context.

Sysdig Cloud Monitor Features

Sysdig Monitor is the cloud monitoring tool you need to gain visibility into the infrastructure, applications, and services that drive your business. Get results quickly with out of the box Kubernetes infrastructure visualizations, cloud integrations, dashboards, and alerts.

Full-Stack Monitoring


Auto-discover and explore your container, cloud and Kubernetes environments. Monitor application performance from ...

Prometheus Monitoring


Sysdig delivers unparalleled scale for Prometheus monitoring with PromQL based dashboards and alerts along with ...

Topology Maps


With Sysdig Kubernetes monitoring you can visualize traffic flows, identify bottlenecks and understand ...



Use standard forms or PromQL-based dashboards to visualize the performances of your applications, containers...

Adaptive Alerts


Easily configure alerting across nodes, namespaces, clusters, metrics and tags. Send notifications to ServiceNow, ...

Kubernetes Troubleshooting


With Sysdig, you can trigger captures of system calls for offline troubleshooting. Get deep views per process, ...

Sysdig Teams


Isolate and secure data and dashboards by team, user, customer or environment. Provide explicit access to containers...

Save time with growing curated catalog of Prometheus monitoring integrations that offers configuration, support...

Multi-cloud Ready

Featured Cloud Monitoring Customers


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Scaling Prometheus Monitoring: IBM

Goldman Sachs discusses monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing containers in production.

“Rich observability across the full Kubernetes stack allows us to optimize for iteration speed, which ultimately helps us innovate faster and focus on our products and customer feedback so we can ship applications more quickly.”

Kamil Sindi, Chief Technology Officer at JW Player

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is cloud monitoring?

A: Cloud monitoring is the process of reviewing, monitoring and managing the operational workflow and processes within a cloud-based infrastructure environment. It is the use of manual or automated IT monitoring and management techniques to ensure that cloud infrastructure, applications, services and workflows perform optimally.

Q: Why is cloud monitoring essential?

A: In a highly scalable and dynamic environment, cloud monitoring ensures infrastructure/solution/service availability. Cloud monitoring data also helps in evaluating the performance of the entire infrastructure on a modular level. Metrics such as container uptime, utilization, and response rate can help in evaluating and troubleshooting customer/user experience.

Q: How does cloud monitoring work?

A: Cloud monitoring is primarily part of the operational processes, and it is generally implemented through automated monitoring software that provides central access and control over cloud infrastructure like instances, containers, databases, networks, etc. Cloud administrators can review the operational status and health of any cloud-based device, component, or service.

Q: What is a cloud monitoring tool?

A: A cloud monitoring tool is a piece of software that is deployed in or alongside your cloud environment that performs the monitoring function. The level of automation, visibility and administration overhead varies from tool to tool. Sometimes multiple cloud monitoring tools are needed in order to achieve the level of visibility desired by the organization.

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