Adaptive alerts.

Save time + effort with smart alerting for Kubernetes and containers

Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor alerts.

Set alerts to get proactive notification of events, anomalies, and downtime that require your attention. Alert on anything from ports to processes, containers to clusters.

Why Sysdig Monitor for alerting?

Out-of-the-box and customizable alerts give you instant insight into your cloud-native software running on Kubernetes and containers.

Check out Sysdig Monitor's alerting features.

anomaly detection
Sysdig Monitor

Anomaly detection.

Auto-alert when monitored hosts, containers, services, and infrastructure deviate from normal.

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Full Stack data analysis


Full Stack Data Analysis

Receive alerts on your desktop via email and slack, or integrate with downstream tools like PagerDuty and ServiceNow.

sysdig alerts
multi-condition alerts
Sysdig Monitor

Multi-condition alerts.

Choose from a range of alert types and set alerts to evaluate one or more conditions for precision alerting and fewer false positives.

Sysdig captures


Capture system calls and OS events for post-alert analysis. System-level observability with Sysdig captures accelerates troubleshooting, even if containers are no longer running.

Sysdig captures

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