For Dummies Series: Best Practices for Securing Containers in Production

Step-by-step guide for implementing container security best practices.

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Securing Containers in Production for Dummies Book

In the Dummies Book for Securing Containers in Production, You’ll Learn:

The benefits of containers and the challenges of deploying containerized applications in production include faster deployment cycles, and reduced costs but an increasing number of threat vectors. Despite the embrace of containerizations by organizations,  many have struggled with transitioning mature codebases and enterprise products into the new ecosystem securely.

Many organizations that have moved containers into production have done so haphazardly and in ways that don’t enable best practices-based container security throughout the development lifecycle.

This book provides an overview of the container ecosystem, the development processes, architectures that complement it and container security best practices: 

  • Building and managing container environments
  • Monitoring containers
  • Securing containers
  • Creating a CI/CD/CS pipeline

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