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Secure DevOps Practices at Yahoo Japan

With more than 3,000 developers and a large Kubernetes environment, learn how Yahoo Japan is preventing cyber-attacks and unauthorized access by introducing appropriate security measures for the container environment.


Fargate Scanning In Under 4 Minutes

Discover how to scan AWS Fargate containers in under 4 minutes with Sysdig Secure. Let’s cover how Sysdig Secure closes the visibility and security gap by providing the first automated Fargate inline scanning.


Getting started with secure DevOps

As you move to the cloud, your focus is on developing and deploying your applications. You may leave some functions for later, thinking they will slow you do…


5 minutes to onboard secure DevOps

Today, we are excited to announce a faster onboarding for Kubernetes visibility and security. With the SaaS-first approach and new enhancements to the Sysdig…