On-Demand Webinar

Building Healthy Cloud Native Software

Hear a candid and thoughtful conversation with Sysdig’s Founder/CTO and Chief Open Source Advocate about open source maturation during the rise of Kubernetes. You also will learn some best practices for the healthy coexistence of open source and commercial tools inside a single company.

  • The landscape and maturation process of cloud-native projects
  • New developments from Falco, CNCF’s incubating project for container runtime security
  • Relationships between Sysdig (the company), sysdig (the open source tool) and Falco
  • The origins of Sysdig from the inspirations of Wireshark
  • An approach for delivering technology for both open source and commercial use


  • Loris Degioanni, Sysdig CTO and co-creator of Wireshark
  • Kris Nova, Sysdig Chief Open Source Advocate
  • Doc Searls, FLOSS Weekly Host