Chaos Conf

October 6-8, 2020

Chaos Conf is the world’s largest Chaos Engineering event. Each day will focus on one aspect of reliability preparation.

  • Day 1: Reliability Comes with Practice
  • Day 2: Completing the DevOps Loop
  • Day 3: A Data-Driven Culture of Reliability

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Hallway Tracks

Tuesday, October 6
12:00-12:30pm PDT

5 Reasons to Embed Security into DevOps

Look at key considerations and outcomes of DevSecOps through the lens of end users in this interactive session.

Limited Seats

Wednesday, October 7
12:00-12:30pm PDT

Ask me anything: Monitoring Must-Haves

No monitoring question is off limits as we share practical tips and advice for scaling Prometheus and monitoring your infrastructure, apps, and cloud services.

Limited Seats

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Ship cloud applications faster using the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. With Sysdig, you can embed security, compliance, and monitoring into your DevOps workflow. Resolve issues quickly by analyzing granular data from any perspective based on cloud and Kubernetes metadata. The Sysdig platform is built on open source tools your team wants to use, with the scale, performance and ease of use enterprises demand.

Creator of Wireshark joins Sysdig to Extend the Open Source Project for Cloud Security

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Security firm Sysdig raises $350 million in latest funding led by Permira

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Sysdig Welcomes Gerald and the Wireshark Community

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Cloud and Container Runtime Security on AWS

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