On-Demand Webinar

Automating Container Visibility & Security to Accelerate Application Delivery

Ever build a car while driving it? Many cloud teams are feeling this way as they strive to migrate applications to the cloud. Ford Motor Company met the challenge head on by building a culture of collaboration that helped speed innovation, gain cost efficiency and mitigate risk.

Join us to hear how Ford gave their developers container visibility and security with Sysdig, thereby, accelerating application delivery.

You’ll learn:

  • How Ford uses Sysdig to scan for vulnerabilities, detect zero-day threats, and provide proof points for compliance to boost confidence and reduce risk across Jenkins CI/CD pipelines and in production.
  • How Ford is able to give stateful apps the same benefits that stateless applications enjoy with containers and orchestration, such as ease of maintenance, ease of update/upgrade and auto-scaling.
  • The benefits Ford gained by adopting an API-driven, public cloud-like infrastructure, including reducing provisioning times from 3 months to 3 minutes, increasing the speed of code development and extending the life of hardware assets.


  • Eric Carter, Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig