On-Demand Webinar

AWS Observability 101: Kubernetes and Prometheus Monitoring with Sysdig

The growth and adoption of Kubernetes for container orchestration and Prometheus for monitoring have made it easier to grow while monitoring your workloads. However, as you scale your AWS environments, your monitoring capability needs to keep pace. Ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and security become more difficult without having robust tools to help provide a centralized view of all the various services and applications.

Join AWS and Sysdig to learn:

  • How to capture granular system information to troubleshoot outliers in your Kubernetes environments
  • How to build robust and meaningful dashboards for all your AWS services
  • How to reduce implementation overhead and maintenance for Prometheus exporters


  • Jonah Jones, Solutions Architect for Containers, AWS
  • Aaron Newcomb, Director, Product Marketing, Sysdig