On-Demand Webinar

Moving Applications to the Cloud? How Top Financials Reduced their Security and Compliance Risk

Financial institutions are being attacked at an alarming rate. In July 2019, Accenture reported that the average annual cost of cybercrime for a financial service company reached $18.5 million. And that includes only the cost of the incident -- not remediation. In order to gain agility benefits of the cloud DevOps teams need to manage risk, mitigate breaches, and gain visibility, without slowing down the CI/CD pipeline. What solutions help deliver for both DevOps and security professionals?

Join us as we share real-world experiences from financial services firms that are grappling with the complicated tasks of securing containers and Kubernetes. We’ll address why understanding application behavior and capturing detailed health, risk, and performance data is so critical. We’ll also demonstrate how Red Hat OpenShift and the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform deliver unique capabilities so you can focus on supporting your customers during this critical time, including:

  • Cloud-Native Host infrastructure security and observability
  • Comprehensive vulnerability scanning
  • Pod security context and pod security policy
  • Compliance for organization-specific standards, as well as regulatory standards like PCI
  • Runtime defense to block attacks and implement zero-day threat protection
  • Container forensics and incident response based on deep system call visibility


  • Alfredo Quiroga - FSI Cloud Native App-Dev Specialist, Red Hat
  • Dan Papandrea, Field CTO, Sysdig