On-Demand Webinar

Prevention in Kubernetes: Getting Started with Pod Security Policies and Best Practices Running Them in Production

Kubernetes Pod Security Policies (PSPs) is an enforcement mechanism to ensure that Pods run only with the appropriate privileges and can solely access the appropriate resources. You can leverage them as a threat prevention mechanism by controlling Pod creation, and limiting the capabilities available to specific users, groups, or applications.

Join this Kubernetes Security Master Class to learn:

  • How to get started with Pod Security Policies (PSPs) and how they implement robust security for your Kubernetes clusters
  • Key challenges of using PSPs today
  • Best practices for using PSPs in production
  • How Sysdig Secure can help you adopt PSPs in your environment


  • Pawan Shankar, Director Product Marketing, Sysdig
  • Alvaro Iradier, Technical Marketing Engineer, Sysdig