On-Demand Webinar

Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup Europe July

Join us for this month's European Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup hosted by Chris Kranz from Sysdig.

Attend and you’ll:

  • Hear from Daniel Schaefer from Red Hat and Tom Llewelyn from Sysdig as they share the ten layers of container security to defend the infrastructure and control application security.
  • Hear from Stephane Woillez and Denis Maligin from Sysdig as they share the five key steps to adopt in your image scanning workflow to help you ensure you have a secure environment.

Grab your lunch, dial in, and let's recap the interesting happenings in containers.


  • Daniel Schaefer, Red Hat
  • Tom Llewelyn, Senior Sales Engineer, Sysdig
  • Stephane Woillez, Technical Sales Lead, Sysdig
  • Denis Maligin, Senior Sales Engineer, Sysdig