On-Demand Webinar

Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup Europe May

Join us for our European Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup hosted by Chris Kranz from Sysdig.

Grab yourself some lunch, dial in and settle in for an hour long recap of everything that’s interesting in the container space.

In the May episode you’ll:

  • Hear from Appvia’s CEO, Jon Shanks and Senior Software Engineer, Mark Hughes as they share how much of an enabler technology can be and how relevant it is to business continuity. They’ll discuss the journey to becoming Cloud-Native and its benefits, talk about best practices for dev teams as well as showcase Appvia’s approach to managing Kubernetes
  • Hear from Sysdig’s Director of Product Marketing, Pawan Shankar as he shares how you can validate PCI container compliance in your cloud applications. In his session he’ll share how to validate PCI compliance in the CI/CD pipeline and at runtime as well as share a 12 step PCI checklist for DevOps teams to help save time implementing security guidelines


  • Jon Shanks, CEO, Appvia
  • Mark Hughes, Senior Software Engineer, Appvia
  • Pawan Shankar, Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig