Sysdig x AWS Virtual Roadshow – EMEA Series

Learn how to run confidently with Secure DevOps on AWS

Join Sysdig and AWS for this 3 part series as we guide you through the process of tackling security for your containerized applications.

In part 1 we’ll explore the current cloud and container trends, delving into the data to share what’s happening in the world of application development and the considerations we must make when developing our security strategy.

In part 2 and 3 we will share “secure development” best practices followed by a look at how you can keep things secure in production with runtime protection, intrusion detection, behavior analysis, incident response, and forensics in a Cloud environment.

Part 1: Tips to modernise your cloud native security strategy

Part 2: Embedding security through-out your application lifecycle

Part 3: Runtime protection and incident response in your cloud

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Sysdig Mystery Swag Box



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**Limit of one swag pack per person. Students, consultants and partners are not eligible.