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Securing Kubernetes Checklist

Cloud and DevOps teams are typically responsible for security and compliance as critical cloud applications move to production. We’ve compiled this checklist to provide guidance on choosing your approach to security as you ramp up the use of containers and Kubernetes.


5 Keys to a Secure DevOps Workflow

DevOps is at a crossroads when it comes to securing containers and Kubernetes. You must meet security and compliance requirements before you can deploy new apps—but containers introduce new security challenges that existing DevOps tools and processes simply don’t address. So, how can you secure what you cannot see and further, how can you get the scale and data depth you need to secure your DevOps workflows effectively? Read 5 Keys to a Secure DevOps Workflow for essential recommendations to help you meet security and compliance requirements without adding risk or delay.


30-60-90 Day Checklist for DevOps Engineer

This checklist will provide a well-defined framework to successfully onboard and make a new DevOps/DevSecOps engineer productive within the first 90 days.


NIST 800-190 Application Security Guide

Your security teams understand NIST cybersecurity guidelines, but the challenge is a clear mapping of those NIST controls to container/Kubernetes environments.


5 Keys For Prometheus Scaling

As applications and technologies change, organizations are required to adapt their compliance strategies to meet the guidelines set by PCI DSS.


2019 Container Usage Report

As more enterprises embark on multi-cloud strategies, demands are changing container usage patterns, processes, and organizational structures.