Google Cloud Platform

Complete lifecycle security, monitoring and compliance for cloud native workloads on GCP

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform converges security and compliance with performance and capacity monitoring to create a secure DevOps workflow on your Google Cloud Platform.

Sysdig Secure

Take a services-aware approach to run-time security and forensics. Bring together deep container visibility with Docker and Kubernetes integration to block threats.

Sysdig Monitor

Visualize the health of your Google Kubernetes Engine cluster with service-oriented views, and comprehensive metrics to help you identify and eliminate issues faster.

Runtime policy editor
Full Stack data analysis

Runtime security

Detect anomalous behavior & block security threats

Sysdig Secure allows you to detect and block attacks, combining deep visibility into system calls with Kubernetes metadata, labels and audit events—so you can understand what’s happening at any layer of your infrastructure and enhance Kubernetes security.

Creating and maintaining your security policy is easy with Sysdig Secure: it automatically builds runtime profiles, provides an out-of-the-box collection of rules and allows you to customize and create custom Falco policies that fit your needs. Sysdig Kubernetes Policy Advisor creates Pod Security Policies to prevent threats and validates policies prior to deployment so they don’t break applications. And it uses Kubernetes-native controls to ensure performance is not impacted.

Full Stack data analysis

Full-stack data analysis.

Full Stack Data Analysis

Auto-discover and explore your container, cloud and Kubernetes environments. Monitor application performance, hosts + containers, Prometheus, JMX, + StatsD metrics, service mesh + networks, and orchestration. Get it all from one instrumentation point per node.

Kubernetes Monitoring - sysdig full stack spotlight

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