Use Cases

Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes monitoring with Sysdig Monitor lets you inspect every aspect of your Kubernetes Clusters with full visibility to avoid potential problems.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring with Sysdig Monitor gives you deep visibility into Kubernetes clusters, namespaces, workloads, pods, and containers.

Custom Metrics

With easy custom metric collection, Sysdig Monitor provides you the ability to see everything in context and query all your metrics.

Network Security

Support a Zero Trust approach to Kubernetes and container policies with cloud native network security solutions from Sysdig Secure.

Kubernetes Security

Embed security and validate configurations and compliance with Kubernetes security tools in Sysdig Secure. Built on an open source stack.

Container Security

Embed container security and compliance directly into DevOps across the container lifecycle with Sysdig Secure.


Serverless security and monitoring with Sysdig Secure DevOps platform helps you confidently run serverless workloads across cloud environments.

Microservices Monitoring

Modern microservices architectures are displacing monolithic application stacks, helping to increase development and deployment speed, simplify scaling and more. How do you stay on top of dynamic infrastructure?

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