Kubernetes Security with Sysdig Secure

Sysdig Secure’s SaaS-first Kubernetes security platform lets you automate Kubernetes compliance and governance using policy as code based on OPA. Secure the Kubernetes control plane, detect runtime threats, and implement Kubernetes-native network security. Conduct incident response with a detailed activity record.

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Kubernetes Security Platform

Risky image prevention via admission control

Block unscanned or vulnerable images from being deployed onto the cluster with the Sysdig Admission Controller plugin tool. Define criteria based on flexible conditions (i.e., namespace, CVE severity level, fix availability, image size, etc.) in order for the image to be approved.

Sysdig Secure also prevents vulnerabilities early by integrating image scanning into the CI/CD pipelines and registries.

Detect Kubernetes Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management practices are critical to minimizing the exposure and attack surface of your whole infrastructure. Sysdig Secure’s open source-based Kubernetes security platform can automatically identify new Kubernetes vulnerabilities. Here you can find the latest CVEs affecting your clusters and how to mitigate risk.

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