Twistlock recovery plan.

Dig yourself out of the security hole.

Twistlock +
Palo Alto Networks.
– what now?

With the recent announcement of the Palo Alto Networks acquisition of Twistlock, many enterprises are left feeling uncertain due to the lack of clarity as to how this integration into the Palo Alto’s suite of products will unfold, both from a product and organizational perspective.

To help preserve organizations investment in a cloud-native security strategy, we have put together a straight-forward, low-impact recovery plan and migration program.

twistlock palo alto

twistlock to sysdig migration

Recovery plan.

Over the next quarter, we are offering a Twistlock Recovery Program that will allow enterprises to switch to Sysdig while preserving their investment dollars through a pro-rated credit model that can be applied towards the Sysdig Cloud-Native Visibility + Security Platform.

With this recovery program, Sysdig provides:

  • Free installation and configuration of Sysdig Platform
  • Free Technical Account Manager for the first year (includes migration of Twistlock policy configuration to Sysdig Secure) 
  • Invoice credit for up to 50% off of the year 1 license towards Sysdig Platform
  • Additional benefits upon inquiry!

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