Use Cases

Container Forensics

Container forensics and postmortem analysis improves your security posture, helping to understand and contain the impact of any security breach, where your company revenue and reputation, may both, be at stake. Allows to respond faster to security incidents and recover effectively.
This is how Sysdig can help with container forensics and postmortem analysis.

Continuous Security

The standard process of software and configuration management, hardening services and enforcing compliance doesn’t work for modern DevOps teams. Making security part of the CI/CD process is known as continuous security.

Prometheus Monitoring

Open source Prometheus enables developers to instrument code for nearly any metric to get insight into application use and performance. At scale and in production, enterprise organizations look for global metric views, long-term data retention, and more.

Microservices Monitoring

Modern microservices architectures are displacing monolithic application stacks, helping to increase development and deployment speed, simplify scaling and more. How do you stay on top of dynamic infrastructure?

Kubernetes Monitoring +Troubleshooting

Kubernetes monitoring and troubleshooting without the right toolset can be a significant challenge. How can you get visibility into performance, health and activity to determine the root cause of issues?

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