Host Security

Get a single view of risk across VMs and Hosts

Extended Detection and Response

Keep track of vulnerabilities, prevent threats, detect suspicious activity, and perform responsive actions to block risky behavior. Monitor hosts and virtual machines to avoid performance issues.

Scan Vulnerabilities

Identify security flaws in the operating system and applications across virtual machines and hosts.

Analyze threats

Detect threats showing full process lineage. Quickly understand how an attack started and its impact on the system.

Consolidate Tools

Reduce complexity and cost by consolidating multiple tools into a single integrated platform.


“I really like the Sysdig integration with system calls. This enabled us to see what we couldn’t previously see. I suddenly had access to any view on my infrastructure.”

– Daniel Kerwin, Head of Technical Operations, Gini

End-to-end Risk Visibility

Sysdig addresses the challenges in performing threat investigation using traditional security vendors by providing vulnerability risk prioritization, full process lineage, and responsive actions powered by runtime insights.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Prevent data theft from vulnerability exploits. Prioritize vulnerabilities based on runtime context and risk.

Vulnerability Management

Conduct a thorough analysis of all associated hosts, processes, and events, accelerating threat investigations.

Host Security

Continuously improve your security posture by adopting standards such as PCI, NIST, SOC2, FedRAMP, and more.

Host Security

Capture detailed user and system activity, including commands, network connections, and file activity. Enrich events using a container, Kubernetes, or cloud metadata. Easily forward events to SIEM tools.

Host Security
Vulnerability Management
Host Security
Host Security
Host Security
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