Cut Custom Metrics Cost by 75% and Observe More


Modern applications are increasingly being instrumented with “Custom Metrics” to monitor both their health and the impact on business. Examples of custom metrics include the speed or latency of a service and business KPIs of an e-commerce application such as abandoned shopping carts. However, the cost of collecting custom metrics using most monitoring tools is extremely high. When combined with how quickly the use of custom metrics is growing, it has made them one of the most costly cloud expenses. Join us for an insightful discussion where you will learn:

  • Why custom metrics are growing exponentially as well as what cardinality means.
  • Best practices to reduce custom metrics costs.
  • How to consolidate your monitoring tools to remove complexity and scale what you can observe.

Doug Ko, Director of Product Marketing – Monitor, Sysdig
Andrew Schafer, Customer Facing Solutions Architect, Sysdig

Game Development Company

“As we scaled, the previous cloud monitoring solution was becoming increasingly painful to work with. They started putting limits on what we could send, causing them to block reporting and metrics. As a result, metrics would disappear. We didn’t know it until we needed the metric, and by then, it was too late.” 
“At the outset, I got the sense that the Sysdig team would be responsive to our needs. I’m delighted that hunch seems to have held true throughout our engagement.”

– Game Development Company

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