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Sysdig is Rated #1 for Product Capabilities

97% of customers were willing to recommend Sysdig. See what else our customers say in the Gartner Voice of the Customer Report for CSPM Tools.

Based on 30 reviews rated 5/5 as of 30th Nov 2023

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The value of CNAPP

Consolidate security solutions, speed time to detect and respond, accelerate time to market, and reclaim time.
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Why Customers Choose Sysdig

A Single View of Cloud Risk

Powered by our Cloud Attack Graph, Sysdig correlates assets, activity, and risks across domains, giving you real-time visibility into attacks.

Prioritization Based on Runtime Insights

Generate a prioritized list of risks using multi-domain correlation to identify risky combinations across environments. Risk prioritization is powered by runtime insights such as in-use vulnerabilities and in-use permissions.

Uncover Attack Paths

Visualize exploitable links across resources to uncover attack paths to sensitive data. With runtime insights, real-time detections reveal active lateral movement, helping you stop attacks in their tracks.

Built for a Multicloud World

Our cloud and container security platform supports multi-cloud environments and addresses risk across all of your cloud accounts and deployments.

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The 2024 Cloud-Native Security and Container Security Usage Report

The cloud accelerates innovation. But what are the risks of moving too fast?

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From prevention to defense, Sysdig helps you prioritize critical risks and stop attacks in real time.