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NEW!! Sysdig Adds Unified Threat Detection Across Containers and Cloud to Combat New Lateral Movement

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Unified container and cloud security platform built on open-source

The Future of Security is Open

We built the Sysdig platform on an open-source stack to accelerate innovation and drive standardization.

Falco >

Falco is the open standard for runtime security.

Cloud Custodian >
Cloud Custodian

Cloud Custodian is an open-source rules engine for cloud configuration management.

sysdig OSS >
sysdig OSS

sysdig OSS is the standard for cloud and container forensics.

Prometheus >

Prometheus is an open source project for monitoring cloud-native applications & Kubernetes.



Leading Companies Rely on Sysdig for Container Security and Visibility

Goldman Sachs discusses monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing containers in production.

How ATPCO implemented Red Hat OpenShift with Sysdig security and visibility platform.

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SaaS delivery for simplicity and scale

  • Hosted and managed by Sysdig experts
  • SOC2 Type II certified
  • Three availability zones in the US and Europe
  • Available as on-premises software if required


“With Sysdig, we're able to resolve incidents faster. We’re able to get insights faster. We’re able to tell when there are performance problems faster. And so as a result, we're able to deliver a consistent and better customer experience that we otherwise would not be able to without Sysdig.”

Ryan Staatz, Systems Architect, LogDNA


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Sysdig Adds Unified Threat Detection Across Containers and Cloud to Combat New Lateral Movement

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Sysdig Detects Lateral Movement Attacks Across Containers and Clouds

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What’s new in Kubernetes 1.21?

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Supercharging Kubernetes Labels And Metrics

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