Last Updated July 1, 2024

In order to provide the Sysdig services to customers, Sysdig, Inc., inclusive of its subsidiaries as referenced below, (“Sysdig”) may use certain products or services from third party vendors, subcontractors, suppliers or content delivery networks. In some instances, these third parties may need to access or use the personal data of Sysdig customers in order for Sysdig to provide the Sysdig services to customers as instructed by the data processing agreement between Sysdig and its customer.

These third parties are called “Subprocessors” and Sysdig’s current Subprocessors are listed below.

This list also outlines the primary locations in which Sysdig or its Subprocessors may process personal data in connection with the provision of the Sysdig services to customers (though note that Sysdig may, and may permit its Subprocessors to, process data in any location in which Sysdig or its Subprocessors maintain data processing operations, subject to the terms of the data processing agreement between Sysdig and customer). In addition to transferring personal data to these locations, Sysdig may transfer personal data to (and process personal data in) any location directed by the customer. For example, where agentless host scanning is deployed (at customer’s election) the scanning of a customer’s cloud environment may be performed in the location of the customer’s workload.

In the event of a change to this subprocessor list, Sysdig will update this page along with the “Last Updated” date above. Sysdig will also provide customers with notice of the change as further set forth the customer’s agreement for the Sysdig services.

Current list of Sysdig Subprocessors:

In addition to processing by Sysdig, Inc., the following subsidiaries of Sysdig, Inc. support the Sysdig services:

Entity Name Description Entity Country
Sysdig, Ltd. Subsidiary UK
Sysdig, Inc. Italian branch office of Sysdig, Inc. Italy
Sysdig Japan GK Subsidiary Japan
Sysdig Technology, S. L. Subsidiary Spain
Sysdig France, SAS Subsidiary France
Sysdig India, Pvt. Ltd. Subsidiary India
Sysdig d.o.o Beograd Subsidiary Serbia
Apolicy Ltd. Subsidiary Israel
Sysdig Canada, Inc. Subsidiary Canada
Sysdig Costa Rica SRL Subsidiary Costa Rica
Sysdig Germany GmbH Subsidiary Germany


Sub-Processor Name Link to privacy policy and contact details Primary location(s) of processing Description of services provided
Amazon Web Services Inc. USA, Germany, Australia, India, Sweden Data Storage
Google USA Analytics
Google Cloud Platform USA, Saudi Arabia Data Storage
Intercom USA Customer Support Tool
International Business Machines Corporation USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, Spain Data Storage
Mezmo (formerly LogDNA) USA Data Storage
Microsoft Azure at customer’s election and direction Data Storage
MongoDB USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Australia, Spain India, Saudi Arabia Data Storage
Neo4j, Inc. USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Australia, Spain Data Storage, Inc. USA Product Analytics application
Salesforce Inc. USA Customer Relationship Management and Customer Support
Twilio Segment USA Quality Assurance and Customer Support USA Error Tracking
Sisense USA Analytics and Reporting Tool
Slack Technologies, LLC USA Messaging Application
Snowflake USA Cloud Data Platform
Vitally, Inc. USA Customer Success Platform