On-Demand Webinar

Lower Your Kubernetes Bill By 40%!


Without utilization information for Kubernetes environments, developers are blind to where their cloud resources are over or under-allocated. Optimizing an environment can save thousands of dollars in cloud provider bills, but cutting back too much in the wrong place can affect application performance. Today, many teams are using multiple sources of information and static spreadsheets in an attempt to understand their Kubernetes costs.

This approach is inefficient and often only represents high-level cost information. Cost Advisor from Sysdig is a tool that addresses this problem by providing visibility into Kubernetes costs, estimated savings, and recommended configuration changes alongside performance and utilization information. Cost Advisor comes out of the box with Sysdig Monitor so there is no extra installation required and no need to maintain extra Prometheus environments. Cost Advisor does all the work for you and provides a clear picture of where you are spending money and how to right-size without affecting performance.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How current shift-left practices can lead to increased cost
  • The important utilization factors that affect Kubernetes costs
  • An easy way to stack rank your most inefficient workloads
  • How to right size Kubernetes environments without affecting performance

Aaron Newcomb, Director of Product Marketing
Harry Perks, Principal Product Manager