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On-Demand Webinar - May 21, 2020

AWS Observability 101: Kubernetes and Prometheus Monitoring with Sysdig

Challenges abound when it comes to securing and monitoring containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native applications across development and production. Most notably, scaling Prometheus monitoring beyond a few servers with a few days retention presents issues when trying to troubleshoot issues that span multiple applications or microservices. We’ll share a unique approach that builds upon Prometheus without sacrificing compatibility and discover the insights performance metrics can provide.


Rancher partner brief

Sysdig partners with Rancher to help enterprises confidently run cloud-native workloads on Kubernetes in production across private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

On-Demand Webinar - May 14, 2020

AWS Security 101: Securing Amazon EKS with Falco & Sysdig

Amazon’s Managed Kubernetes Service (EKS) offers organizations flexibility as teams ramp up containerized applications in production. And yet, managing security risk for the workloads running on EKS is still the customer’s responsibility. To make your teams as productive as possible, you need to automate and merge security and compliance into the DevOps workflow.


30-60-90 Day Checklist for DevOps Engineer

This checklist will provide a well-defined framework to successfully onboard and make a new DevOps/DevSecOps engineer productive within the first 90 days.


IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management brief

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform and IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management (MCM) help enterprises centralize security findings and confidently manage cloud compliance and security risk.

On-Demand Webinar - May 7, 2020

Moving Applications to the Cloud? How Top Financials Reduced their Security and Compliance Risk

Financial institutions are being attacked at an alarming rate. In July 2019, Accenture reported that the average annual cost of cybercrime for a financial service company reached $18.5 million. And that includes only the cost of the incident — not remediation. In order to gain agility benefits of the cloud DevOps teams need to manage risk, mitigate breaches, and gain visibility, without slowing down the CI/CD pipeline. What solutions help deliver for both DevOps and security professionals?


Red Hat X Podcast

As cloud native becomes the standard for application deployment, IT roles must adapt. Cloud teams are taking ownership for security, as well as application performance and availability. As a result they need tools and processes that support a secure DevOps workflow for Kubernetes and containers in production.