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On-Demand Webinar

DevSecOps: What do you focus on first? Harnessing Best Practices & Avoiding Pitfalls

The evolution of technology presents innovation and challenges, in both public and private sectors. Legacy systems, workforce transformation, technical debt, security updates, infrastructure demands have all become common vernacular. Deciding what to prioritize and how to manage the changes can define the success of technology transformation and set the stage for future improvements. This webinar, featuring Emily Fox, NSA; Loris Degioanni, Sysdig; and Michael Ducy, Red Hat, seeks to identify technology best practices and DevSecOps collaboration. Join us July 7!


Securing Kubernetes Checklist

Cloud and DevOps teams are typically responsible for security and compliance as critical cloud applications move to production. We’ve compiled this checklist to provide guidance on choosing your approach to security as you ramp up the use of containers and Kubernetes.

On-Demand Webinar

Building Healthy Cloud Native Software

Hear a candid and thoughtful conversation with Sysdig’s Founder/CTO and Chief Open Source Advocate about open source maturation during the rise of Kubernetes. You also will learn some best practices for the healthy coexistence of open source and commercial tools inside a single company.

On-Demand Webinar

Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup Europe June

Join us for our European Secure DevOps Virtual Meetup hosted by Chris Kranz from Sysdig. Grab your lunch, dial in, and let’s recap the interesting happenings in containers.