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Securing Serverless Containers on AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a popular choice for running serverless containers, but runtime security is still a major challenge. Level up Fargate security with Sysdig! Join us and AWS to hear how you can confidently secure AWS Fargate serverless containers at scale.


AWS Fargate Checklist

As the number of container images, versions, and builds proliferates, you lose control of what software is being used and whether software updates are applied. Embedding security into your delivery pipeline as you build applications helps you identify and address vulnerabilities faster, and keeps your developers productive.


AWS Fargate Solution Brief

Sysdig Secure provides comprehensive security across the Fargate lifecycle. Automatically scan serverless containers, detect runtime threats in Fargate cluster environments, and conduct incident response and forensics even after the Fargate task is gone.

On-Demand Webinar

Fighting Fraud – Worldpay Protects Cardholder Data

Safeguarding sensitive credit card data in a massively dynamic multi-cloud infrastructure is no walk in the park. Hear how global payment service provider, Worldpay, is achieving its mission of 100% cloud usage with PCI compliance from development through production. Utilizing a secure DevOps approach with Red Hat OpenShift and Sysdig, Worldpay achieves container security at scale – and so can you.