On-Demand Webinar

SOC2 Compliance for Containers and Cloud


Many of your applications are now starting to run on containers in the cloud. This means compliance and managing risk are top priorities. Your security teams understand SOC2 guidelines, but the challenge is a clear mapping of those SOC2 controls to container and cloud environments. Ultimately, you need to ensure compliance is not blocking your code from going into production.

After this webinar, you will understand how other organizations are validating SOC2 compliance for their cloud applications. Join us to learn:

  • Overview of the SOC2 control families and what’s relevant
  • Best practices to achieve SOC2 compliance for containers, and cloud environments (ex. AWS)
  • How Sysdig Secure helps you meet SOC2 compliance across the lifecycle (with on-demand reports)


Alba Ferri, Product Marketing Manager, Sysdig