NIST 800-190 Application Security Guide

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In the Guide to NIST 800-190 Application Security, You’ll Learn:

Many of your applications are now starting to run on containers in the cloud. This means managing cloud security risk and validating compliance requires a NIST risk management framework. Your security teams understand NIST cybersecurity guidelines, but the challenge is a clear mapping of those NIST controls to container/Kubernetes environments. Ultimately, you need to ensure NIST compliance is not blocking your code from going into production.

You’ll cover: 

  1. How NIST cloud security and compliance is different for containers and Kubernetes
  2. How to map NIST 800-190 controls to container environments in the cloud
  3. How Sysdig Secure can help you make your container and Kubernetes environments NIST 800-190 cloud compliant
Download the guide to learn how to make your container and Kubernetes environments NIST 800-190 compliant.

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