Cloud Security 101

A Primer on CSPM, CIEM, CWPP and CNAPP

“Through 2025, more than 99% of cloud breaches will have a root cause of preventable misconfiguration or mistakes by end users” – Gartner

Cloud providers are providing tremendous value in enterprise environments with cloud computing, network and storage services – but not necessarily security, particularly for the majority of organizations who implement a multi-cloud approach for their business.

This eBook provides an introduction to cloud security and is designed to prepare you for today’s realities, because cloud provider security is not enough.

You’ll learn about:

  • The shared responsibility model for cloud security and how it impacts your business
  • CSPM, CIEM, CWPP and CNAPP tools that are available to elevate your cloud security posture
  • 5 key considerations when evaluating a third party cloud security solution

If you are just starting on your cloud journey, you will quickly realize the need to beef up your security, more so as you increase the number of services you consume from cloud providers. Read this eBook to help prepare and safeguard your business.

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