Continuous Security for Microsoft Azure Cloud and Containers

Companies using Microsoft Azure can accelerate app development and deployment by integrating cloud services and container platforms (AKS). But, Microsoft recognizes that security and compliance processes need to be transformed.

This guide offers a framework for establishing comprehensive cloud and container security, with recommendations to complement and enhance native Azure tools. Learn how to:

  • Automate local image scanning for AKS containers within your CI/CD pipelines Azure Pipelines
  • Implement real-time threat detection for Azure containers and save time with out-of-the-box rules to spot anomalous behavior
  • Secure applications and infrastructure at runtime without impacting performance, leveraging Falco
  • Maximize the performance and availability of your containers on AKS and get deep visibility into clusters, deployments, namespaces, pods, and workloads
  • Scale Prometheus monitoring for Azure services and improve application performance
  • Continuously validate compliance with industry standards, like PCI and NIST, for AKS and containers during build and runtime

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