On-Demand Webinar

Address Insider Threats with Sysdig’s Cloud Detection & Response (CDR)


Cybercrime is thriving in the complex and growing attack surface of the cloud. Stolen credentials, cryptomining, supply chain attacks, and other forms of advanced attacks are becoming common, requiring security teams to rethink their detection and response approach for cloud and containers. Without modern detection and response solutions, you are left with blind spots that can be entry points for attacks.

Credentials theft is one of the top attack methods organizations face. If an attacker can gain access to your AWS account, how do you prevent further account manipulation? Sysdig detects when an unusual login pattern occurs and recommends least privilege IAM policies to combat account hijacking. Since these changes can open attacks such as cryptomining at runtime, Sysdig’s Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) solution prevents container drift and similarly suggests a least privileged network policy to combat data exfiltration attempts.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The evolving threat landscape of cloud-native workloads, cloud services, and user permissions
  • Why CDR is necessary to protect against attacks in cloud and containers
  • How Sysdig’s CDR platform detects insider threats at the cloud- and container-level

Matt Kim, Product Marketing Manager, Sysdig
Nigel Douglas, Technical Marketing Manager, Sysdig