On-Demand Webinar

Becoming a Cloud Security Ninja: Sharpen your Cloud Threat Detection Sword with Machine Learning


Cybercriminals have been developing their skills and attack techniques to expand into cloud and container workloads. How do your security teams defend the cloud infrastructure against an evolving threat landscape?

Machine learning (ML) is a fast-growing trend that helps security teams find cloud threats faster by spotting deviations from expected behavior and recognizing threat patterns. ML isn’t magic pixie dust and also not a panacea, but well-trained ML algorithms that can be applied to solve specific problems using data. So, how do you extend threat detection by using ML to complement a rules-based approach and eliminate blindspots?

In this webinar, join us to learn more about how to:

  • Automatically detecting threats in containerized environments using machine learning (ML)
  • Easily detect anomalous crypto mining activity without any manual overhead
  • Strengthen security posture by combining multiple defense techniques


Daniella Pontes, Product Marketing Manager, Sysdig; Flavio Mutti, Senior Machine Learning Engineer